Sovotec - Nos métiers


You have defined your process and your equipment general arrangement. We study, calculate, fabricate and install necessary tanks and piping up to final acceptance certificate of a running equipment. Our partners for electrical cabling and control take care of their part of the work under our responsibility.

Studies – Calculations

We manage to calculate piping flexibility and supporting efforts necessary for our European regulation dossier. Our team execute 3D models, piping isometrics and fabrication drawings.

We are fabricating according to CODAP, CODETI, EN

We use the following software:

  • 3D models: Autodesk Plant 3D, Inventor
  • Drawings: AutoCAD 2D/3D
  • Calculation: Caepipe, SicapNet, AuxiCap


We study and fabricate all types of piping network with high pressure and:

  • Steam HPS, MP, BP
  • Condensates
  • Overheated water
  • Gas

Our engineers manage the calculation et files according to European regulation.

Our customers recognize our competencies for steam turbine piping connexion installed with most of the turbine manufacturers, either condensation or counter-pressure technology.


Our study team and our fabricators are qualified for tailor-made tanks and reservoirs with carbon steel or stainless steel from 1mm to 30 mm thickness up to 4,5 m diameter.

We guarantee internal surface roughness levels between 0,2 et 0,8 depending on needs with mechanical or electrical polishing, shot peening.

We are building equipment, for example:

  • Reactors with thermoregulation
  • Filters
  • Iron trap tanks
  • Feedwater tanks
  • Desaerators
  • Paper mill pulp towers


From your P&ID and Equipment mapping, we can propose the best piping solutions taking into account technical constraints of your process:

  • Dead legs reduction
  • Flexibility
  • Product savings at production batch changes
  • CIP

We fabricate and install all process piping in carbon steel or stainless steel:

  • Steam
  • Overheated water
  • Gas
  • Scraped piping
  • Polish piping
  • Double skin piping
  • Large radius